People define you as successful. Are you also deeply fulfilled?

You are more than your list of accomplishments

Leaders today are so busy taking care of all the changes in business, family, and others that they don’t set aside time to look at the deeper part of themselves – where true fulfillment resides. A lot of us are always looking at our results, accolades, and successes and thinking that this is the same as being fulfilled. Leaders may be successful at what they do but feel as if there’s something missing. They crave something more, which they cannot quite define, leaving them feeling frustrated, exhausted and, at times, alone.  Leaders know there should be more to life than this, they just don’t know how to get it.

Since 1985, Jan excels at supporting individuals through life’s transitions.

Whether you’re busy competing to be more successful (and find that it is no longer enough) or getting ready to retire and wondering what’s next, Jan Smith, founder of the Center for Authentic Leadership, can help you uncover what’s missing, which is different for each person. Jan’s focus is to help you tap into a part of you that your ego has kept you from seeing and experiencing – living an integrated life that’s uniquely yours. When you are deeply connected to yourself you can connect to others in a heartfelt way, influencing them into their greatness and creating and living a legacy that will also outlive you. If this is your time to create your Legacy, contact Jan.

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Jan Smith is the founder of the Center for Authentic Leadership. She has been a supportive guide to over 700 executives and business owners as they  transformed their lives in profound and lasting ways. She understands what it feels like to be outwardly successful but inwardly unfulfilled. She believes that each of us has an essential and valuable gift that is forged by our unique experiences. One of Jan’s essential gifts is her ability to listen deep beneath the surface and put language to what you really want to create in the world.

Above all, Jan believes that people do not need to be fixed. What would most serve another is someone who has been trained to truly listen in a way that evokes one’s own deeper wisdom.

Schedule a FREE Consultation with Jan

Click the ‘Connect’ button to be directed to a page with a link to schedule a time we can get together on Zoom.

I look forward to talking with you.

“Jan has such a clear and time-tested approach to help people identify their own uniqueness, the collection of gifts that they have, and what prevents them making a difference with those talents. I think a part of Jan’s legacy is that she endows those of us who have had the privilege to work with her with more appreciation for the life that we have: the good, bad, and ugly of it.

Jan has lived a full life using everything life served up as a catalyst. She has gone through so much that she is truly not shocked by anything anyone can do or get as a result. She truly gets both our pain and our promise. She LISTENS with her whole mind, body, and soul and really sees people for who they are and who they can be. 

Jan holds a safe space for people to be real. If I had to describe her in a word, it would be “safety”.  She is bold, irreverent, fun-loving and so deeply committed to having each person express their gifts in the world. As a result of working with Jan, I have shifted my focus from looking good and defending, pushing my views on others to being genuinely interested and listening to what others bring. I have learned to relax and open up my heart to somebody else without taking it so personally. This has been a huge change for me.”

Becky Glenn
Yoga Teacher & Coach

1:1 Coaching

Safe, confidential 1:1 Coaching to move beyond your inner roadblocks so that you can fully embrace your unique gifts.

Foundation for Designing Your Life

Explore new ways of thinking and relating to the yourself, to others, your experiences, and to the world.

Threshold Crossings

Learn to embrace change and transitions with grace, courage, and a sense of wonder at any age.

Legacy Calling

Identify your essential
unique gift and
design your Legacy Calling
(your Legacy Cause).

Future Thinking

Community of authentic leaders dedicated to influencing others in profound ways.


“Working with Jan has completely altered the course of my life.”

“When I met Jan, I had actually walked away from my operatic career. I felt beaten down and discouraged so my plan was to simply move into a different career. I told Jan all the different negative or discouraging things I had experienced and Jan said, ‘It sounds like you have had a lot of negative experiences. Let me ask you, what do you think happens in the fabric of your life if the major decisions you make are based on negative things? What if you decided to take opera back on and this time go at it differently; do you think that might have a different result?’

The short answer is yes, it did. My singing career is back on track and stronger than ever before. Working with Jan has completely altered the course of my life. I don’t even think or process life in the same way any more and it has opened life up for me as a place of wonder that I get to experiment in.

As a singer I was a bit worried about the price, I will admit, but working with Jan has been the single greatest investment I have ever made. My life will forever and always be on a different path and it is a path of increasing fulfillment, joy and present moment awareness.”

Christopher Anderson-West

Operatic Tenor

“I feel fulfilled like never before.”

“What an eye opener for me! The program at the Center for Authentic Leadership has been life changing. I remember wondering whether I would receive value from the course given that I had several post graduate degrees and by most standards was already considered successful.

Through the program, I have learned so much about myself, what really matters to me, why others behave/react the way they do and how my schooling, social upbringing, and experiences all interact to have me view life in a way that allowed me to be successful while not being truly fulfilled.

One of the biggest insights was seeing how I was, in some degree, responsible for how life occurred. I always “knew” I was responsible for my successes. I was shocked (and at first not very happy or excited) to learn that I somehow contributed to every breakdown or upset. I thought that this newfound understanding about myself and human behavior was all I needed to spring into action. Well, I quickly found that knowledge alone isn’t enough.

The real value, for me, were the practices and exercises I was provided which enabled me to access the insight causing me to be more present to what was occurring and to respond from a different understanding than ever before. I am more at peace with myself and feel fulfilled like never before, which is invaluable.”

Michael Davis
Personal Injury Attorney, Boone & Davis

“I have a new future in front of me.”

“I heard of Jan two or three years before I called her. She had a good history with other people I know and that made it comfortable for me to start coaching sessions with her.  Also, she provided a well-thought out plan for me to understand how this would work and to get comfortable with a new way of thinking.

Jan opened doors that I hadn’t ever thought of before and she really had me think a lot about elements of my life that I had never examined before. I was watching my family being ripped apart and I didn’t know what to do…which was unusual given my reputation as the person with all the answers and the quickness of my intelligence. I was at a deep crossroad and nothing I was doing was working.  It took a lot of courage and risk for me, even though my dear friend trusted Jan to help people who have relied on their intelligence and success transform into a new way of looking at themselves and others.

My investment is paying off enormously. Even today, with back to back surgeries, I find myself more mellow, even with a big breakdown in equipment. I am no longer pulled into my habitual reactions of anger or frustration; instead I have new reserves of patience, calm, and innovation to draw upon. I am having amazing conversations with my wife, like I haven’t had for over 20 years. I have a new future in front of me and will continue working with Jan.”

Dr. Peter Merkle, MD

Orthopaedic Surgeon

“I was watching my family being ripped apart and I didn’t know what to do…which was unusual given my reputation as the person with all the answers and the quickness of my intelligence.  I was at a deep crossroad and nothing I was doing was working.”

 If you are ready to change your life in profound ways, contact Jan to schedule a consultation to define your path forward.

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