How to Work with Jan

1:1 Coaching with Jan Smith

Working one-on-one with Jan, you will learn things about yourself that you never knew as you get to the heart of what has real value and meaning in your life. She provides a safe, secure environment where you can explore your habitual patterns, identify your blind spots (yes, you do have them), and identify your essential, unique, and most profound gifts. To work with Jan you have to be committed to really step into the process, to embrace your strengths and your weaknesses. You need to be ready to be listened to, to be seen without the mask, and to receive direct, unflinching feedback and unwavering support.

If you are ready to transform your life, improve your relationship with yourself and with others, then this may be your pathway to fulfillment.

"I think Jan’s ability to see deeply into a person’s psyche is certainly a key differentiator. And in the process, she shows one how to see themselves. I’d also say that her caring, her heart, her dedication to help a person look deeply into themselves, even when it gets really hard or uncomfortable, is also a key attribute. Her work, her programs are not for the faint of heart. Not for those who are just sampling self-improvement programs. Only the really serious, those with a LOT AT STAKE, need apply.”

Michael O'Brien, Ed.D.

President, The O'Brien Group

Foundation for Designing Your Life

This is an intimate, developmental community of like-minded people with diverse and different cultures and distinctions. It takes a committed community, with perspectives different than our own, to see how alike we all are fundamentally in the stories we choose to live in. We can find richness in learning from each other’s differences, and we can discover the wisdom that exists within a group of like-minded people working together.

Inventing or designing a life authentic to your unique experience and abilities will have life be meaningful and purposeful, allowing you to be present to whatever is in the moment. When we can do that, we can thrive, and express our own authentic voice anywhere.

This program is limited to 10-12 people at a time who are willing to explore new ways of thinking and relating to themselves, to others, to their experiences (good and bad), and to the world.

 “I have taken many developmental courses over my career. It was refreshing to be in new material and something this deep. I could not be happier with what I received from the Foundation for Designing Your Life program. I wish I had found this program earlier in my career as it would have made the people around me and myself much more effective in communication and execution. After taking this program, not only am I more at peace in my place in relationships, but people have noticed my improved skills. The old words 'life is a journey" rings true. This life’s journey just got much happier thanks to Jan and her Foundation for Designing Your Life program.”

Gary Ludden

COO, Ver-Tex Construction

Check back here for an announcement of the dates for the FDYL program.  If you want to understand the purpose and structure of the program and more about the schedule, download the FDYL brochure for more details.

Threshold Crossings at Any Age

We all come to those moments in life where we are faced with a choice: to move forward into uncharted territory, to dodge around and take the safer path, or stand still and do nothing, living the same old past repeated day after day into the future.

Threshold Crossings come in many shapes and sizes, but each offers profound opportunities for transformation and growth. Whether you are facing a new job, an empty nest, a divorce, or a retirement (just to name a few), this course can help you navigate and truly leverage the opportunities that each Threshold Crossing offers.

If you find yourself feeling as if you are on a precipice, and you’re not quite sure how to move forward, then this is the course that will help you navigate those harrowing straits of change. Because change is inevitable, how you perceive and act on it is the crux of what we will delve into in this course.


Legacy Calling

Your Legacy Calling is something that is uniquely you, but at the same time is greater than just you. It is something that can never be fully achieved but that the world desperately needs to be left with, that only you can contribute.

Do you believe that your life has a higher purpose than that you have lived? That there is more to life than success, accolades, achievements, and material accomplishments? If so, this may be the adventure that has been calling to your inner voyager to explore.

In this course, you will work with Jan to define what you want your Legacy to be. You know that the cause is bigger than you, will probably not be fulfilled in your lifetime, and you are willing to work on it anyway. This is not work for the faint of heart. This is a real, deep, soul-level commitment to making lasting and positive changes in the world or in your community.

If you are ready to gain clarity about what you can do to contribute, we should talk. Click on the button below to schedule time for a 1:1 consultation.

"A leader’s legacy is only as strong as the foundation they leave behind that allows others to continue to advance the organization in their name.

Though our lives are finite, life is infinite. We can start thinking about our legacy, the impact we'll have on the lives of others, today.”

Simon Sinek

Future Thinking Community

This is an invitation-only community where leaders support and hold each other accountable as they leverage their unique gifts to create lasting legacies and make a positive contribution to the world.

"I joined Future Thinking to “fix what was wrong” with me so I could get better results. Instead, I uncovered a life of fulfillment, joy, and also success like I’ve never experienced before. Working with Jan has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me and I’m truly grateful to have her in my life."

Brianna Goodwin

President and CEO, Ver-Tex Construction